Thursday, March 03, 2005


Cat Survives 10-Mile Trip Atop Car

Yahoo! News - Cat Survives 10-Mile Trip Atop Car
Too bad the cat survived.
I will be bringing this up in class. This is my new source to q.c.c
Your profile picture is the scariest picture that I have ever seen of you!! Did Liam take it? Good work on's cool. Which I knew this computer stuff. :0)
Too bad the cat survived? What kind of person are you anyways, besides one who hates cats!? Hah. I'll agree with her, that picture of you is awfully scary... you remind me of the kript keeper!:-p okay okay.. it's not that bad! haha, that was pretty funny though, huh? Anyways... that's one amazing story. POOR KITTY!:(
i like cheddar cheese... but this has nothing to do with the cat or the story....
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