Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Firefighters fetch stranded cat, would-be rescuer from tree

Firefighters fetch stranded cat, would-be rescuer from tree - Bangornews.com Staff: "'We don't go get them,' Assistant Chief Vance Tripp said Sunday afternoon. 'Cats will come down out of the trees eventually. You don't see any skeletons of cats up in trees.'"

Easily one of the funniest quotes I've seen but its true. Read the article, people were upset that the fire department didn't care that the cat was up in the tree for four days. Oh yeah, meanwhile, in that time the same heartless fire department was directly responsible for saving five lives.... they must have messed up priorites.
But then some local hero goes up into the tree and gets stuck himself, which ended up costing the taxpayers of Bangor up to $1000 for the fire department to come out. All for a cat that would have got out at some point anyway.

That line about "not finding cat skeletons in trees" is a classic! I loved it. Where did you get your dislike of cats? Was it genetic? If so, your dad must be pretty cool!
actually... I know Vance and he has 3 cats. He is just a truly funny guy who tells it like it is.
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